Iā€™m Leanne. I am an illustrator, writer, textile designer, and accessories designer living in the Pacific Northwest.  

Growing up, my little sister and I would spend hours drawing paper dolls. Then we would draw them again in different outfits. One day, Dad brought home a gigantic roll of plain white paper for us from Boeing Surplus.   We would cut the paper into various lengths in order to make settings for the dolls. We created everything from bedrooms to playgrounds to retail shops. The possibilities were endless!  

I went on to get a BA in fine arts with an emphasis on drawing, then received a second BA in apparel design. With my combined interest in art and fashion, I began my career as a textile print designer in the clothing industry.

While my passion and appreciation for characters and stories never went away, my love for picture books was revived when my two children came into the world. I love reading with them and dream of making my own books to share with them!

For picture book enquiries please contact Janine Le at Sheldon Fogelman Agency

Many of my textile designs are available at Spoonflower.com

You can also find me on instagram